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Team as a Service: secondment of teams

Competition is fierce and time-to-market is accelerated. Recruiting and keeping the best technical talent has become a challenge. There is an increasing shortage of skilled developers in Western Europe. We offer the best educated and skilled developers with guaranteed quality of delivery and a lean mean form of team governance. Our developers and testers are not just selected for their technical skills, but also for their communication skills, their work ethics and proactive attitude. In addition, our developers have previously already worked together and form coherent teams.

Our people, your team

Our teams integrate fully into your development teams and processes, whilst applying best practices, based on to the situation. We do not merely offer capacity, but provide the team as a service. This means that we always provide a lean and mean form of local governance – a locally available service manager – to facilitate the team and assist the client in planning, monitoring and delivery. The service manager is the primary point of contact for all daily operations and he or she ensures that job satisfaction and productivity of team members remains high.